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We offer our skills to create new solutions and beneficial relationships for your company in both Countries by applying a custom-tailored process: VITTI Network Formula. A clear, precise and effective 5-step process with step-by-step support that significantly minimize the risks and the downside of the entire process.

Our involvement starts analyzing the checklist.

We perform a scan of your company through a Checklist to ensure that there are structural requirements and assumptions, and therefore what are the needs and requirements, which areas need more attention and so on. In such a way, to immediately and correctly set up an internationalization plan with no grey areas.  

Vitti Consulting analyzes the sector of reference before investing in more detailed market research.

We perform a preliminary analysis based on real data in order to ensure whether the sector of reference is growing.

Furthermore, we identify what the possible problems are with their respective solutions and to really find profitable opportunities in the sector of reference. 

Custom-tailored market research for your product or service.

We develop market research aimed at the reference niche, by analyzing and developing every aspect of the marketing plan in order to establish the right decisions for the operational actions to be developed.  

A solid Network to meet all your needs.

A real teamwork, which involves the active and lively participation of our partners and your company itself. 

We will proceed to specifically develop the strategic marketing/commercial plan previously defined for your product/service.

In addition, we will assist your company from a legal and administrative point of view during its actual entry into Australia

Continuous support over time to strengthen lasting international relations.

All those services of supervision, management and control of ongoing negotiations thanks to the direct and active presence on the Australian territory.

This is essential to maintain international relations over time and ensure a solid and lasting position in this market over the years. 


-Jim Rohn



We guarantee total transparency towards customers and partners during all phases of the operational process.


We assure and guarantee that our services respect the pre-established times with the idea to establish relationships of esteem and mutual respect.


We offer you our professional and managerial experience to assist you with all the necessary steps of the operational process and through the relationships with partners and investors.


We establish relationships based on trust and loyalty. We do not make promises we can not deliver.

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VITTI Consulting is the first Marketing and Consulting agency that helps set up your business in Australia by using a custom-tailored process: VITTI Network Formula


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